Dr Hardus De Beer

Back To Life Chiropractic

Dr Hardus de Beer decided to become a Chiropractor because of his passion for people – wanting to affect lives positively and on a practical level. The profession of a chiropractor resonated within him to the extent that he dropped his intentions of becoming an engineer. Hardus is a husband, a father, a musician and sports enthusiast. He has been practicing in Ballito since January 2014.

Hardus joined Back To Life Chiropractic, as an associate to Dr. Guy Bower, and bought the practice in March 2015. Back To Life Chiropractic’s appointments are not “rush in, rush out” – it takes care in its treatment of all ages, from infants to the wise in years, from all walks of life with a guaranteed one hour initial appointment, with 30 minute follow up appointments. Back To Life Chiropractic gets to the root cause of the problem, ultimately empowering the patient with advice

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